Butterfly boy

A delicious moment of freedom and happiness at the whim of cities and countryside. Dany offers a charming and bucolic series of photos, inspired by the flight of butterflies. A lovely moment in a park […]

A boy in the streets

There is no point in taking yourself too seriously, even if you are an amateur model. After all, charm also comes from our ability to enjoy life. And taking a leisurely stroll through a photoshoot […]

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Blue Velvet

These pics are from a lost video named blue velvet. i was in front of a good gay porn movie and i wanted to have a good time. And after this, a good shower with […]

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Clips Of The Day : Dany x in the mirror

Some look at each other every morning in their mirror as if to make sure that they are still the same people as the day before. Others like to play with it and move their […]

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Some friends of mine

These sexy boys have something more to offer you on https://www.top4fans.com/iagmodels/. They are some friends and have some warmly moments with me and together. I hope you will appreciate them !

Some Me !

I share here all the pictures i took in my gay porn model life. I hope you will enjoy this collection of my dick ass and body. Comment for me to know if you want […]

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In The Woods

The young twink Dany x is walking among the trees in the forest, when he suddenly get lost. This is no time for panic, in these situations, let’s take advantage of it. Aren’t we alone […]

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