Gay Melon

Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day. It is very important for health. Or fuck them. I chose for my part. To show you how I can be a good fucker too. Sure you will […]

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Follow the way

I have arrowed so that everyone knows which way to go. My ass is wide open in this mini series of some hot pics that you will surely enjoy. Everyone can follow their own path, […]


A French guy in his armchair ( “Fauteuil” in french). Calm, at ease, he begins to imagine what handsome kid will come to take care of him. why not come and have tea? Whatever it […]

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Dany saves the earth

It’s time to promote life and nature. Save the earth. Did you hear the message ? If not, i am here to remain you. Hope this time you will do what you have to. 164 […]

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Dirty Visit

Have you always dreamed of visiting my apartment? The day has finally come. Please note, I only show people who are really motivated. Because I have my own way of being a real estate agent.

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What a bore this confinement! Doesn’t that make you feel that way? In this case we must fight with our means. Why not sit quietly on a beanbag and masturbate for a few minutes? And […]

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Addiction Boy

Today I played with my jock strap. Addicted makes wonderful underwear for men, in which we are rather very comfortable! You won’t see my cock, it’s warm in this sexy little underwear, but my ass […]

Computer wanking times

How many times did you get a solo wanking moment watching ho you love the most on your computer ? Dany lived it many times and some of these times, he started the camera and […]

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I’m coming for you

It’s time to be bad. Time to come to you with my hot dick and time for fucking your sweet asshole badly. I do it in this video. And after that, Your hot and huge […]

Come On My Dick

“Come On My Dick !!!!“ This is an order. This dick is waiting for a good mouth and a hot ass to be satisfied. Would you satisfy that daddy boy with his hot dick on […]

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