Come On My Dick

“Come On My Dick !!!!“ This is an order. This dick is waiting for a good mouth and a hot ass to be satisfied. Would you satisfy that daddy boy with his hot dick on […]

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Cock and stock

Showing my ass makes me so happy than i can’t stop doing it. It is for you. And a bit for me too. I just tried my new jock strap to embellish my hot butt. […]

Classic man

This is a really hot feature i propose here. 1010 pictures in one shot, and two hot videos with me and only me in my best suits. Because i wanted to be the most classical […]

My Christmas Present

Dany found that Santa Claus let him a present for him. That’s a really awesome sextoy, and Dany had to try it immediatly. 17 pics1 video PW : danyxGPS

Dany x : cHODE

A hot Hat on the head. A horny cock to satisfy. An awesome moment to spend. Before to go to job, before lunch, whenever you want you do what you want as you want. Nobody […]

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Chemney boy

Some sexy stuff in front of the hot chemney. What is the hottest thing ? The fire or the guy on fire ? We’ve got an idea on that ! 13 pics PW : […]

Chaturbate live 29.07.21

I promised it and now this is real ! I share my last chaturbate live from my own profile. Check it on ! This live will figure in the next hot video i am […]

Butterfly boy

A delicious moment of freedom and happiness at the whim of cities and countryside. Dany offers a charming and bucolic series of photos, inspired by the flight of butterflies. A lovely moment in a park […]

A boy in the streets

There is no point in taking yourself too seriously, even if you are an amateur model. After all, charm also comes from our ability to enjoy life. And taking a leisurely stroll through a photoshoot […]

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